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Tyler Toney’s Net Worth

Tyler Tone, Background

Tyler Toney was born on March 24th, 1989 in Plano, Texas. He lived in the nearby town of Prosper until after his graduation from Prosper High School in 2007. After high school, he was accepted into Texas A&M University and graduated in 2011 with a degree in wildlife and fisheries. Tyler is married to Bethany Toney (formerly Bethany Briscoe) and they have a son together. They currently live in Dallas, Texas.

Tyler Toney’s Net Worth

As of late 2017, it’s estimated that Tyler Toney is worth around $10 million. This is based on his salary and ownership in Dude Perfect.

About Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect

Tyler Toney’s claim to fame comes from his participation in the Dude Perfect YouTube channel. He is one of 5 co-founders of the group and is often referred to as the captain of the group. Dude Perfect is a trick shot and comedy YouTube channel that focuses on ridiculous sports trick shots done by members of the group themselves or outside collaborators.

The group’s members include Tyler Toney, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, Cory Cotton, and Coby Cotton. Since its start in 2009, Dude Perfect has managed to amass more than 28 million YouTube subscribers and millions of monthly views.

Origins of the Dude Perfect YouTube Channel

The group got together while they were university students. Garrett Hilbert and Tyler had been friends since high school and they met the rest of the crew through intramural sports teams. They all became friends and later roommates. Once the group roomed together, they started shooting crazy trick shots in their backyard to win bets over sandwiches.

Origins of the Dude Perfect Channel

They decided to start filming some of their trick shot sessions, starting with a 2-day shoot for basketball tricks. This first video earned more than 100,000 views and scored them an interview on Good Morning America, which inspired them to keep filming and posting increasingly crazy trick shots. “Dude Perfect” comes from the group setting up their camera on chairs and rails and saying “dude, perfect” when they managed to get the angle just right.

Tyler Toney is the main face of Dude Perfect brand and is known as “the Bearded One” by fans. Because of his athletic ability and sports background (he played sports throughout high school and university), he is the one that plans out and does most of the trick shots. As one of the main faces of the Dude Perfect brand, Tyler has played a large part in establishing and building the brand.

Tyler had no idea where his trick shot skills and ideas would take him in the beginning of filming the videos. Even after graduating from Texas A&M, he had taken a full-time job using his degree before eventually deciding to focus on the Dude Perfect brand instead after it started to grow larger. Tyler ultimately realized that he had underestimated to scale that Dude Perfect would grow to.

Expanding the Dude Perfect Brand

Dude Perfect

Tyler Toney has worked to build an entire brand out of the Dude Perfect channel, rather than just focusing on being a YouTube star. While YouTube is still the most viewed platform for their video content, they have expanded to many other forms of media to build their brand outside of the video platform. They have successfully expanded in many creative ways.


Over the years, trick shots by Dude Perfect have been sponsored by a large number of high profile companies, including Nerf, Goodyear, Fiat, Adidas, Gatorade, Pringles, Pizza Hut, Gillette, and others . These sponsorships are usually for a video or short video series and will involve the sponsoring companies in some way. For example, Fiat rented space at a California airport runway to do stunt driving trick shots with the team.

Dude Perfect Brand

Professional sports teams have also worked alongside Tyler and the Dude Perfect team to do video collaborations. The Seattle Seahawks were one of the first teams to invite Dude Perfect to their stadium for a collaboration with the team.

TV Series

Tyler has participated in both seasons of the Dude Perfect TV series as one of the main trick shot performers. The first season showed on Country Music Television (CMT) in 2016-17 with 24 episodes of different comedy and trick shot videos. Season 2 appeared on Nickelodeon in 2017.

Tyler Toney also appeared by himself on the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Sports 2015 TV show.

Mobile App

In 2011, the first Dude Perfect app was released for iOS and Android platforms. It was followed by Dude Perfect 2, Endless Ducker, and That’s Lit .


One of the Dude Perfect members, Cory Cotton, wrote a book about Dude Perfect called Go Big: Make Your Shots Count in the Connected World . This book is usually linked with the company brand.

Tyler Toney’s Accomplishments

As of late 2017, the Dude Perfect channel had more than 4.2 billion lifetime views. The team received a diamond play button from YouTube after reaching 10 million subscribers in 2015.

Throughout their trick shot career, members of the Dude Perfect team, including Tyler, have broken numerous Guinness World Records . The first record Tyler ever broke was for the longest basketball trick shot, and it was performed in the Kyle Stadium at Texas A&M University.

Facts about Tyler Toney

– He plays the guitar
– One of his favorite places is his ranch in Morgan, Texas
– Tyler and the rest of the original Dude Perfect team are Christians and have donated parts of their wealth to Christian charitable organizations
– Deep sea fishing is one of the more obscure sports that Tyler enjoys
– In an interview with CMT, Tyler said he’s no longer bothered by people thinking the shots are fake and instead takes it as a compliment to how difficult the shot is to make

About: Tyler Toney

Birthday : 24/03/1989

Age : 31

Industry : Web, Youtube Creators

Website : Dude Perfect

Resides : Plano, Texas

Ranking : #

Net Worth Estimated : $10 million

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