Ryan Holiday

An American Author and Media Strategist
Ryan Holiday is a writer and media strategist. He authored seven non-fiction books, and is a leader in stoicism. His net worth is $5,000,000.

Ryan Holiday, Background

Ryan Holiday

Holiday is from Sacramento, California. He attended University of California, Riverside, but dropped out at 19 to apprentice under Robert Greene of The 48 Laws of Power.

Earliest Jobs

Holiday generated PR for writer and filmmaker Tucker Max. His marketing tactics worked, and he was hired as Director of Marketing for American Apparel. He worked with Dov Charney on multiple campaigns. Holiday left American Apparel in 2014 and founded his creative agency, Brass Check.

Brass Check

Brass Check

Brass Check is a successful marketing company for authors, musicians, and media brands. The company’s notable clients include: Google, Tony Robbins, Complex Media, Simplifirm, and Beme, among others.

Net Worth

Ryan Holiday Net Worth

Ryan Holiday’s net worth of $5,000,000. His income is generated from: 7 books, Brass Check marketing, New York Observer, speaking engagements and book tours. Holiday has 80,000 e-mail subscribers on his personal blog.

New York Observer

Holiday is a media columnist for New York Observer. He famously writes about media manipulation, self-criticism and self-awareness, philosophy, and modern journalism.

Prominent Writer

Aside from having a media column, Holiday contributes to popular news outlets, including: Thought Catalog, Entrepreneur, 99U, Fast Company, The Huffington Post, Medium, Boing Boing, Forbes, and Columbia Journalism Review. Holiday currently works from his ranch outside Austin, Texas.


Ryan Holiday has authored seven best-selling books. They have debuted on the Wall Street journal bestseller list, and Inc Magazine’s top 10 marketing books of 2014. Holiday’s books have sold hundreds of thousands of copies, and contribute greatly to his net worth.

Trust Me I’m Lying

Trust Me I’m Lying (2012): Holiday exposes flaws in the state of online journalism, and shows the various ways to exploit the media.

Growth Hacker Marketing

Growth Hacker Marketing (2013): Holiday touts growth hacking as a cheaper and meaningful way to reach customers than traditional billboard and press release tactics.

The Obstacle Is The Way

The Obstacle Is The Way (2014): This best seller is based on the practice of stoicism and the teachings of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Holiday presents obstacles as opportunities. The book garnered praise and has been lauded by The New England Patriots, Arnold Schwarzenegger, LL Cool J, and other celebrities and prominent figures.

Ego Is The Enemy (2016): Holiday explores egotistical historical figures, and the risks associated with self-image.

The Daily Stoic (2016-2017): Holiday creates a compilation of daily manuals with inspirational stoic meditations.

Perennial Seller

Perennial Seller (2017): Holiday dissects the makings of timeless marketing by studying why certain works achieve longevity while others disappear quickly.

Conspiracy: Peter Thiel, Hulk Hogan, Gawker, and the Anatomy of Intrigue (2018): Holiday’s newest book takes an inside look at the Hogan v. Gawker trial, and includes interviews with the controversial Peter Thiel.


Holiday is a purveyor of modern stoicism. Stoicism is an ancient Greek and Roman philosophical practice that is defined as self-detachment from feelings of success, failure, pain, and hardship. Practitioners of stoicism respond to extraordinary situations without complaint or materialistic gain.


Holiday is credited with making stoicism trendy, and for making it accessible to the masses. His teachings, however, are not without criticism. Gabrielle Galluzzo, professor of ancient philosophy at University of Exeter in Britain, doesn’t believe Holiday’s first book aligns with the tenants of stoicism.

Holiday has responded that his marketing career has not corrupted his personal stoic life. He currently lives in a humble dwelling on a 40-acre ranch in Texas with his wife, son, and a bevy of goats, chickens, and donkeys, geese, ducks, and a guinea hen.

Social Media Presence

Holiday is active on social media, and has over 350,000 followers across multiple platforms. Each platform presents a different side of Holiday:

Facebook: Showcases Holiday’s speaking engagements, book tours, events, and anecdotes about stoicism.

Instagram: Features behind-the-scenes photos of Holiday’s life at his ranch, book tours, speaking engagements, and daily stoic journal entries.

Medium: Holiday’s musings about media manipulation, self-improvement, productivity, entrepreneurship, and the art of stoicism.

Twitter: Features philosophical quotes, stoical anecdotes, and thought-provoking retweets.


On speaking about Conspiracy and Peter Thiel, “When I marvel at what happened, I think we’re all responding to the same thing, which is this guy really did crank the wheel. If this does have a chilling effect on media, which critics say it does, that is still validating that hypothesis, which is that this guy thought there should be (a chilling effect) and he fucking did it, which is just insane. Nobody does stuff like that!”

About: Ryan Holiday

Birthday : 16/06/1987

Age : 33

Industry : Bloggers, Publishers, Web

Website : Ryan Holiday

Resides : Austin, Texas, USA

Ranking : #

Net Worth Estimated : $5 Million Dollar

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