Nitesh Goel

Nitesh Goel

Nitesh Goel is the CEO and co-founder of the site and application “Padlet”, which is an online tool where its users can create online bulletin boards.

Originally from Delhi, India, Nitesh and his co-founder and childhood friend Pranav Piyush left India for Singapore after attaining an education scholarship from the Singapore government. Both Nitesh and Pranev began their studies at NUS (National University Singapore) where they developed the idea and groundwork for their now enterprise company Padlet.


Based in San Francisco, Padlets initial roots began as one of Nitesh’s final year research projects in 2008. Back then the original name of the site was “Wallwisher”. The concept of the business derives from the idea of a digital alternative to a paper and pen. Nitesh and his co-founder developed the internets first and most used note pad, which has evolved over the years to become a more creative and interactive tool that integrates pictures, videos, documents and web links. It now also allows its users to adapt these scrathpads in to their own self hosted websites with custom domain names. Over 1 million padlets have been created to date and some notable sites that have availed of Padlets features include –, and

Padlet is still run by the two founders and employs only 8 employees on a full-time basis to run the entire site and app, which according to Alexa is the 1,400 largest ranking site in the world with an average of over 10 million visitors each month.

Business Model

The company generates it’s profit and revenue through a combination of online advertisements to non subscribed users and an upgraded subscription service marketed as – Padlet Backpack – for schools, Padlet Briefcase – for businesses and Padlet Jetpack – for individuals. The upgraded subscription feature ranges from $12 per month to $1499 per year depending on the service and package.

Work life and environment

As an employer Nitesh offers employees at Padlet a very flexible approach to work life with the company. He allows his staff to work from home, bring their pets to work and encourages them to travel and go on vacation frequently. The only requirement he expects from them is that they do not take vacations on pivotal times for the company, however to compensate for this in 2016 Nitesh announced that in the month of July, every year, Padlet would “close up shop” and give all of it’s team members a one months paid vacation. In an article for Nitesh speaks about his work life and approach to the work space as well as his daily commute, company values, and passion for coffee.


Between April 2012 and September 2015 Padlet raised a total seed capital of $1.6 million in 5 rounds. It’s lead investor in the company is Cherubic Ventures who funded $1.2 million in 2015. Other investors include prominent silicon valley names such as – Paul Sethi (CEO of Redbooks), Ryan Peterson (CEO of Flexport), as well as Jeff Epstein (Bessemer Venture Partners).


  • In 2017 Padlet was voted as the 82nd hottest education technology tools by
  • It was also voted as the 32nd top tools for personal and professional learning by C4LPT
  • It is often highly recommended and referred to in education resources and on multiple teaching and education sites on the web.

Natably Padlet also won the first Windows 8 Apps Contest in March 2012.

“I feel that this project has opened a whole new world to my students. This has shown them that there is a whole other way of living out there” – Appreciation Letter written by David Billikopf – Faculty at a Government Juvenile Corrections Facility in Virginia.

Future Plans

Padlet announced on 14 February 2018 that the company is going to introduce ‘BACKCHANNEL’, a simple gateway tool which would allow Padlet subscribers to use group messaging service, thereby improving the productivity of creations through collaborations.

Net Worth

Nitesh Goel has an estimated net worth of over $2 million dollars

Company Values

It is the company’s policy and a ‘Top Priority’ for the company, to protect the integrity of the users’ contents and their personal private data. The company is a breath of fresh air with its focus on usability and users as compared to growth at all costs.

Social Media Presence


Instagram– User Name@coffeebite 31 posts, 26 followers, 10 following

Instagram-User Name: @padlet 102 posts, 1,225 followers, 12 following

Twitter– User Name@coffeebite 673 Tweets, Followers 202, Following 9, Likes 752

Twitter- User Name: @padlet 5,392 Tweets, Followers 35.6K, Following 354, Likes 7,882, Joined in March 2009.


Facebook: – User Name: @coffeebite. Joined in November 2011

Facebook – User Name: @wallwisher. Joined in April 2012


Pinterest-User Name: @padlet 2,806 Followers, 10 following


YouTube: User Name @Padlet. 2,790 subscribers 114 Videos

YouTube – User Name: @niteshnet 6 Subscribers, 2 Videos

About: Nitesh Goel

Birthday : 22/02/1993

Age : 27

Industry : Enterprise, Publishers

Website : Padlet

Resides : San Fransisco, USA

Ranking : #19

Net Worth Estimated : $2 million

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