Neil Patel

Neil Patel: An Online Marketing Guru

Neil Patel: Online Marketing Guru

A lot of people are trying to get involved in online marketing so as to keep up with the constant advancement in technology. Nonetheless, only a very small percent of internet users have been able to succeed in making a career out of online marketing. Neil Patel is one of the few who people made lucrative a career in this space. He also has some of the best social media hacks needed to boost a digital business. Despite having an Indian origin and being born in London, Neil Patel rose runs several successful companies. He is the brains behind the KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg as well as hello bar.

He is an investor, analytic expert and an enthusiastic entrepreneur. Who would have thought that a normal blogger would one day end up being successful and earning millions. Both KISSmetrics and Crazy eggs focus majorly on customer and visual analytics and they are overrun by Patel. Being the blogger he is, Neil Patel has never abandoned his passion for blogging and still blogs via

Neil’s Tips on Digital Marketing

Neil Patel’s Humble Background

Neil Patel Background

Ever since he was a kid, Neil Patel always sought to find ways that would help him get into business. Patel was always on a quest to find suitable business ideas that would be interesting and profitable. Neil was born on the 24th of April 1985 in London to his Indian parents. He was raised in the United States after his parents moved to Orange County, California. It was not easy for the family to settle in the United States since they faced numerous challenges. To put food on the table, Patel’s mother worked as a teacher. Neil’s father, on the other hand, joined his uncle’s family business . It’s accurate to say that entrepreneurship ran in his blood since his uncle ran multiple successful businesses. This resulted in Neil being surrounded by businessmen. The family was comfortable with what they had but Neil knew he wanted more.

Neil Patel’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Neil was always on a thinking spree on how he was going to upgrade his lifestyle and live lavishly. He knew this is what he wanted and decided to go for it at all costs. Despite coming from an entrepreneurial family, Neil found it hard to came up with a life changing business idea. Patel at one time chose to start selling burned CDs after seeing his cousin doing the same. After a while, he realized that this was not a profitable business as he only made few dollars. So, he opted to start selling black boxes to students and their parents. To capitalize his business, Neil began purchasing cable black boxes in large quantities on eBay and then selling them to his schoolmates. This type of business was illegal thus Neil opted to get involved in a legal business despite the lucrative returns.

Neil Patel’s Entrepreneurial Journey

While he was in high school, Neil discovered that numerous students fixed their cars using after-market parts. While observing this, an idea popped up and he decided to start a business of reselling car parts at a discount. At all times, Patel’s idea was never to survive but to succeed. The car business did not bring enough money as he wanted. Therefore, he opted to work at Knott’s Berry Farm where his job entailed washing restrooms, cleaning vomit and emptying trash cans. He worked at Knott’s for about three years before joining Quality systems as a salesperson. He thought this was going to be easy but it wasn’t as he began going to door cleaning people’s carpets for free while giving demos. This job was not satisfying and thus Neil resigned.

Neil Patel’s Love for Internet Marketing

After his resignation Neil began looking for further opportunities and got into internet marketing after an extensive research on Being the risk taker he was, Neil went ahead to launch his own website similar to and named it Advice Monkey. By then, Neil was still a minor and as required in every Asian household, he had to get a college degree. He enrolled at Cypress Community College and while studying he worked at Elpac electronics as a consultant earning around $3500 every month. Gradually, he began working as an internet marketer before beginning up an internet marketing firm with the help of his sister’s boyfriend.

Neil’s Net Worth

Neil patel Net Worth

Neil owns crazy egg a platform that offers social tools that help explain website traffic algorithm. While working with the company, Neil launched his second company known as KISSmetrtics that helps support the digital marketing professionals through offering web analytics service to all its users. Neil earns roughly $30 million every year from this companies.

All that Neil Patel aspired was to become successful and live a lavish lifestyle. With proper motivation, he was able to do this despite the many challenges he underwent. With the help of Neil’s online marketing strategies, anybody can start understanding that digital marketing is not difficult as rocket science but rather fun and easy.

About: Neil Patel

Birthday : 24/04/1985

Age : 35

Industry : Bloggers, Enterprise, Publishers, Technology, Web

Website : Neil Patel

Resides : Orange County, California, USA

Ranking : #

Net Worth Estimated : $30 Million Dollars

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