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Matthew Hussey was born in London, England on June 19th, 1987. A 2016 estimate puts Matthews net worth at around $2 million. He is the author of the book ‘how to get the guy’ and is also a YouTube and Facebook personality who runs his own dating retreat. A 2016 estimate puts Matthew Hussey’s net worth at around $2 million. This is based around his various entrepreneurial activities with Get the Guy and his own personal career expert earnings.

Starting Into Coaching

Early in his career in 2004, Matthew Hussey started out as a one-on-one life coach to men looking to improve their lives and careers[2]. His main selling point was confidence in the life you create for yourself, a theme that’s carried over into his current coaching roles as well. Before he found widespread success, he would meet in coffee shops and cafés with his clients and act as their life coach. This helped him to start building a reputation that would also carry over into his later work.

Becoming a Dating Advice Guru

Hussey’s original aim was not to be a dating advice expert, but he saw the need after years of life coaching for men. While some wanted coaching for business and careers, many more were interesting mainly in improving their relationships and dating life. This was a consistent theme with many of the men Hussey worked with, and he ended up talking more about relationships and dating than any other subject[3]. This pushed him towards his eventual success as a dating guru.

Author of the book -How To Get The Guy

After working with men for years on dating, confidence, and business, Matthew Hussey started to get a lot of questions from women who were seeking out the male perspective on dating and love. He capitalized on this opportunity in 2008 by switching his main focus to helping women get the man of their dreams through dating and love life advice.

Hussey’s main contributions to women’s dating advice are a book titled Get the Guy and a website, The book, published in 2013, provides a teaching guide to help women build a life that attracts the right kind of men while the website gives ongoing advice through articles and information about seminars hosted around the US and UK.

Get the Guy is a New York Times Best Selling title.

Seminars, Retreats, and Conferences

Events are some of the biggest revenue sources for Hussey’s company Get the Guy. In the US and UK, many events are hosted each year that attract visitors from around the world to get advice from Matthew Hussey. Participants can sometimes pay thousands of dollars to get into the events, which last for one or more days.

Television and Radio

Matthew-Hussey - Millennial Moguls net worth

In 2012, Matthew Hussey launched his name into the limelight by hosting the show Ready for Love, which was produced by Eva Longoria. After the conclusion of the show, Matthew was proclaimed to be one of the top three match makers in the world, growing his name and reputation as an expert in dating and human interactions.

As of 2018, Hussey is a regular expert guest on many top television network shows, including The Today Show. He also hosts his own radio show on iHeartRadio called LoveLife where he discusses romance and dating in the modern world.

Over the years, Hussey has been featured in a number of TV shows and productions, mostly after his 2012 success in Ready for Love. He has been featured on shows such as Rachel Ray, Chelsea, So Cosmo, Plain Jane International, and Good Morning America among others[4].

YouTube Personality

Along with his other media, Matthew Hussey also manages a YouTube channel where he posts advice and informational videos on the topic of dating. As of March 2018, he had 1.2 million subscribers[5]. Videos are all on different dating topics but are not specifically targeted to men or women, helping him to appeal to a wider audience.

Other Career Activities

Hussey invests a lot in effort into keeping his advice in front of the right audience. One of his strategies to do this is by regularly contributing to publications like Cosmopolitan as an advice columnist[6].

Marketing His Materials

Much of the real success behind Hussey’s own business and his coaching career comes from his excellent marketing strategies. Throughout his career, he has focused on making a name for himself in multiple diverse niches related to the same subjects, confidence and dating[7]. His grassroots approach to life coaching made him attractive to many people in the US and UK and has helped to propel him to his current position as a well-known dating expert.

Building and maintaining his community of followers has been critical for Hussey’s sustained success. He has the appearance of a genuine, down-to-earth mentor that cares for each of his followers. According to Hussey himself, all of his events are personalized to the crowds themselves, even though they all cover similar topics. A strong emphasis on his community has created a loyal customer base for all of Hussey’s products, events, and productions.

Matthew Hussey Accomplishments


The book Get the Guy managed to reach bestselling status in a very short amount of time despite Hussey’s relative obscurity at the time.

He was invited to speak as a guest lecturer by Oxford University’s Neuroethics department.

Hussey hosted the annual Children in Crisis dinner in the UK along with members of England’s royal family[8].

 Facts about Matthew Hussey

  • Matthew Hussey is naturally an extreme introvert
  • In his down time, he enjoys eating pizza and watching HBO with close friends[9]
  • After seminars in Florida, Hussey often likes to take his mother to Disney World
  • He practices boxing to stay in shape
  • Hussey credits his family for helping to keep his ego in check










About: Matthew Hussey

Birthday : 19/June/1987

Age : 33

Industry : Bloggers, Personal Brands

Website : matthewhussey

Resides : London, United Kingdom

Ranking : #

Net Worth Estimated : $2 million

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