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Joe Santagato

Joseph Joe Santagato is an actor, comedian, famous American entertainer, vlogger, and a YouTube star.  He is most famous for the videos on his popular YouTube Channel, “Joe Santagato”. Joe created the channel in May 2014, and today it has over 2.3 million subscribers. His current net worth exceeds $1 million.

Joe Santagato: Background


      • Joe was born on February 25, 1992, in Queens, New York City. He has three older siblings. His father is a retired firefighter and his mother is a retired school secretary. He received his education in the Francis Preparatory School. Afterwards, he attended the “Queensborough Community College” but he later dropped out.


Joe Santagato: Idiots of the Internet


Early Career Attempts

Elite Daily

    • After quitting his studies, Joe started working as a pizza delivery boy and as a waiter for nearly one year. He then worked as an editor for Elite Daily – an online news platform based in the US. Joe later started creating short movies, sketches, and singing parody songs.


Career Journey: the Beginnings


    • When he was just 18, a friend suggested that Joe should make videos and post them on YouTube. He uploaded his first video on in September, 2010, on his YouTube channel “SantagatoTV”.


Career Journey: Settle Down Kids

Settle Down Kids

    • After that, Joe became a part of the famous YouTube Channel “Settle Down Kids”. Soon, the number of subscribers reached 300K. At “Settle Down Kids”, he was featured along with Adam Buongiovanni, Joey Gatto, Jonah Green, Josh Sobo, Nick Buongiovanni and Ryan Abe.


Career Journey: Other Channels & Podcasts


    • Joe had a popular account on “Vine” till its closure in 2015. He also has a channel titled “Extra Joe” and a sports channel titled “Veterans Minimum”. Joe also has several podcasts and a podcast station called “The Basement Yard”, based in NYC. The station has 98.3K followers and has been ranked #1 on the iTunes Charts.


Collaborations: Rock, the Promo

Joe Santango & The Rock Promo

    • Joe collaborated with actor and professional wrestler Dwayne Johnson, popularly known as “The Rock” in 2016. Joe produced and hosted a number of videos on Rock’s YouTube channel “Rock, The Promo”.


Collaborations: Speak Out Game


    • In 2015, Joe collaborated with Hasbro to create “Speak Out”, an absolutely hilarious and maddeningly funny game. The participants have to recite phrases while wearing a plastic dental retractor in their mouths. The game was released in August 2016 and the idea was borrowed from Joe’s video titled “Watch Ya’ Mouth”.


    • Joe and Hasbro also collaborated in developing “Speak Out: Joe Santagato Edition” (2016). Joe created the content for this version which was more explicit than the original. The game has been played several times on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” with celebrities like Chris Pratt, Jimmy Fallon, Kevin Hart, and Khloe Kardashian.


Collaborations: Lips’ Reading Game

Hasbro’s Hearing Things

    • In 2017, Joe collaborated with Hasbro again for jointly promoting a board game titled “Hasbro’s Hearing Things”. The game has two players, one of which has headphones on the ears and can’t hear. He has to work out what the other player is saying by reading their lips.


Collaborations: Telecom Services Provider Company


    • In October 2017, Joe made an announcement that he partnered with colleagues from Elite Daily to found “Wing”, a new telecommunications services provider company. “Wing” uses cellular towers and offers various limited and unlimited data options for its consumers. A unique feature is that its customers are reimbursed for the unused data in the next billing cycle.


Narratively: a Career Boost


    • Narratively, a digital journalism platform, published a feature about Joe and his family in 2013. The article was entitled “The Kardashians of Queens” and was a big boost for his career.


Joseph ‘Joe’ Santagato: Net Worth

Joe Santango Net Worth

    • Joe’s net worth is estimated to be over $1million.


Joe Santagato’s Most Popular YouTube Videos


    • The five most popular videos of Joe Santagato on YouTube are:


1. Idiots of the Internet –5.7 million views.

2. Watch Ya’ Mouth –5.5 million views.

3. Idiots Of The Internet Part 8 – 5.4 million views.

4. Only On Craigslist – 3.2 million views.

5. If I were a Teacher –3.2 million views.


Joseph “Joe” Santagato: Believer in Equal Rights for All


    • Joe is a believer in equal rights for all and in support of this belief, he released a video titled “Gay Marriage Is Legal”.


Social Media Presence


    • Joe is active on the following social media channels


Facebook – User Name: @joesantagato – Joined in February 2016 (Private Account).

User Name: @JoeSantagatoFans – 4,777,753 people like this and 4,834,061 people follow this.

Instagram – User Name: @joesantagato – 1,396 posts, 717k followers, 168 following

Twitter – User Name: @joesantagato – Tweets 29.3K, Following 118, Followers 695K, Likes 11.6K, Joined in September 2010.

YouTube – User Name: @joesantagato – 2,327,642 Subscribers, 163 Videos.



About: Joe Santagato

Birthday : 25/02/1992

Age : 28

Industry : Actors, Youtube Creators

Website :

Resides : Queens, New York City, USA

Ranking : #

Net Worth Estimated : $1 million

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