Jeffree Star

Jeffree’s Early Life

Jeffree Star

Jeffree Lyn Steininger was the name given to him after his birth before embracing the name Jeffree Star. Knowing just how important education is, his parents ensured Jeffree gained theoretical knowledge from schools. He studied at Pacifica High School before moving to Los Angeles to start his career journey. However, Jeffree’s childhood was filled with sadness as his father died when he was roughly six years. This only meant that his mother, Laura Steininger, was left alone to take care of him. To make ends meet Laura had to during odd hours as a model.Therefore, this resulted in star being left alone at home. However, this is what changed Jeffree story as this is when he discovered makeup. When alone at home, Jeffree utilized his time by experimenting with his mother’s makeup and fell in love. His passion for makeup resulted in him wearing makeup even when going to school an action that never bothered Star. At that tender age, Jeffree’s love for makeup grew after viewing numerous cosmetic ads and models in fashion magazines. Despite being mocked at school for his feminine dressing, Jeffree was sure that he wanted to venture into fashion.

Makeup Career

Jeffree Star Makeup

Having discovered his new-found passion, Jeffree began working at makeup counter upon graduation. He knew that in order to succeed in this industry, he had to gain a lot of experience which will help in making a name for himself. Additionally, Star offered his idiosyncratic beauty tips to fashion editors as well as music videos. With time, things began shaping up and Jeffree got a chance to showcase his passion as a makeup expert and teacher in school around the globe. When other young kids were in school seriously studying, Jeffree was busy in mansions and music videos doing what he loves best, makeup, and earning tons of cash. This obsession to pursue his dream is what pushed Jeffree to build his very own makeup line that is filled with products such as lipstick, lip scrub and eye shadow. His love for lips inspired him to make unique liquid-to-matte- lipstick in varying colors.

Jeffree’s Net Worth

Jeffree Star Net Worth

Since the days of MySpace to the present social media platforms, Jeffree has been able to maintain a celebrity status something that has helped him gain more money. From being a multi-talented entrepreneur to owning his own business, Star has accumulated a lot of wealth from his businesses as well as social media. His makeup company, known as Jeffree Star Cosmetics, is responsible for generating millions of dollars every year something that has helped increase Jeffree’s net worth. Currently, Star lives a lavish lifestyle as his worth is roughly $20 million.

What Makes Jeffree Special?

His courageous-don’t-care-attitude is one thing that has helped Jeffree Star gain a lot of followers and a large fan base. Additionally, his eccentric persona, pink hair as well as a tattooed body has played a part in gaining people’s attention and making him special. Despite the many critics that come his way, Star has never been affected and this has made his followers adore him even more. In everything he does, Jeffree has always tried to prove that behind his heavy and unblemished makeup, he is still an authentic, raw and true to himself type of guy. The fact that Jeffree admits to various aspects of his life such as doing plastic surgery is something that has made him gain more followers thus many customers. Jeffery acknowledges that he was not born right and as result opted for plastic surgery. Often, Jeffree has been heard saying that he never looks up to anyone in specific. Therefore, he has always  shared all the changes he has undergone with his online friends. He believes that the only way he can convince his clients to buy his products is if they knew all of him.

Jeffree’s Trademarks

Jeffree Star Trademarks

Being a makeup idol in a very competitive industry, Jeffree has to ensure his game is always at the top. Star has been known to be a true ambassador of self-love something he has implemented in his business. Despite owning a makeup company, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Jeffree has other elements that make him stand out thus his trademarks. One of these trademarks is his hair. The makeup guru has been known to wear pink hair something that has become his signature. For nearly twelve years, Jeffree wore a pink hair before dying it to platinum blonde. His body has also been his trademark as he weights nearly 73kgs and has a height of 6’1”. Additionally, his body is slim; well- built and is filled with tattoos. Among his tattoos is a portrait of Princess Diana as well as Audrey Hepburn.

Jeffree has proven that against all odds, a person can become successful provided that you put in all your effort. At a very tender age, he was already making money and despite the numerous critics, Jeffree.  So, the next time you feel like giving up on your dreams, remember Jeffree’s inspirational story.

About: Jeffree Lyn Steininger

Birthday : 15/11/1985

Age : 35

Industry : Beauty, Lifestyle, Personal Brands, Retail & Fashion

Website :

Resides : Orange County, California,, USA

Ranking : #

Net Worth Estimated : $20 Million Dollars

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