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17 Facts About Jay Shetty’s Journey of Success

Jay Shetty Success

Jay is a motivational speaker, award-winning host, storyteller and a viral content creator. When he was 18-years-old, he met a monk and followed in the monk’s footsteps, embarking on his own meditation journey across India and Europe for three years. He meditated for 4-8 hours a day, learnt the art of mindfulness and in his spare time, helped the less fortunate. Jay was asked to be the host of HuffPost Lifestyle in New York. Since launching his own channel in 2016, he has had more than 1 billion views and more than 10 million followers.

  1. Where did Jay Shetty work before he hit the big time:

Jay Shetty work

 Jay worked at Accenture – a global management consulting and professional services firm that provides strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations services. He joined the team while they were becoming digital which was an exciting time for Jay, as he was able to become a main part of that. He learnt a lot at Accenture – he hosted various workshops and panels with key clients on topics such as virtual reality, blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence and more.

  1. His viral videos…

Were shared by celebrities and social media influencers in the beginning. This pushed Jay’s career even more, as his videos became the most viewed series on the Huffington Post. His videos are all about advice – how to find purpose in your life, love and relationships, being your true self and more. 

  1. What was Jay’s inspiration?

Believe it or not, Jay was a shy child and was bullied for being overweight. At the age of 16, his two best friends died – one in a car accident and one due to gang violence. The deaths definitely made Jay think about what is important in life and inspired him to achieve great things.

  1. Jay Shetty was a monk?!

Jay Shetty monk

Yes. When Jay was 18 years old, he met a monk and his outlook on life changed. He decided he wanted a life of peace, passion and serving others. Four years later, he went and lived in Europe and India as a monk. His lifestyle involved meditating for 4-8 hours a day, experimenting with various diets and fasts, breath exercises and mastering of the mind. He would wake up 4 in the morning and his showers were cold. He concentrated on the philosophies of the east and on his own personal growth. Jay gave back by helping build sustainable villages, setting up various food distribution programs and offered coaching to millennials all around the world about consciousness, wellbeing and success. He continued to live like this for three years.

  1. How old is Jay Shetty?

Only 30 years old… 

  1. What major brands has Jay Shetty worked with?

Jay has worked with and coached the likes of Google, L’Oreal, Facebook, Coca-Cola, HSBC, Microsoft, Accenture, Nasdaq, Bank of England and Ernst & Young.

  1. Who does Jay Shetty collaborate with?

Jay Shetty Ideapod

One of the biggest platforms Jay works with is called Ideapod – a technology platform producing media on the ideas shaping our lives. They have a bunch on contributors (Jay is one of them), who write creative and intelligent journalism content. Ideapod strongly believe in critical thinking and aim to create thought bubbles where ideas can be analysed and talked about openly. They have 5 million monthly readers on their digital media platform, a social network, a marketplace for ideas where you can also find online courses, an mobile app for capturing ideas in 40 second videos and a ‘My Science Academy’, which is a digital media platform giving commentary on new developments in science and technology. Jay also works with Corey J (coreyj.co) – well-known brand developer who also works with the likes of Prince Ea. He aims to turn people such as Jay into media influencers.

  1. What is part of Jay Shetty’s daily routine?

Jay wakes up every day at 5am, makes sure he meditates for 2 hours, hits the gym, writes in his gratitude diary before going to bed and also goes to sleep at the same time. 

  1. Social media and technology is such a big part of Jay Shetty’s life, but does he ever switch it off?

Jay makes sure he turns off all technology every week for half a day and instead spends this time with friends or reading books. He never uses technology before 9am or after 9pm and believes it is important to have no technology zones in the house, as well as no technology times in the day.

  1. Besides work, what does Jay Shetty do in his spare time?

Jay loves water, so he likes to go swimming or play water sports. He loves watching soccer and football, as well as catching a basketball game or comedy show at Madison Square Gardens. He also like to scout for new vegan restaurants. 

  1. Any special achievements?

jay shetty Forbes

Jay made it onto the Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2017!

  1. How it felt when Jay Shetty left the life of being a monk…

In an interview with National Geographic, Jay describes leaving his life as a monk as “getting a divorce from the love of my life”. He chose to leave it so he could go back home and share what he had learnt in those 3 years.

  1. What is the main message Jay Shetty wants to spread?

Jay is passionate about imparting his wisdom about life to people in a fun and innovative way. He also wants to teach people to ‘unlearn’ what the world has so far taught us – family, friends, school. He wants people to become more self-aware of their own interests, needs and concerns.

  1. A Jay Shetty quote:

‘Growing up in an Indian household, I had 3 options. I could either be a doctor, a lawyer or a failure’.

  1. What is one of the questions Jay Shetty asks his viewers to ask themselves?

When talking about finding a purpose in life and being on the right path, Jay asks his viewers this simple question: ‘Imagine where you will be in 10 or 15 years on your current path. Is that where you want to be? If the answer is ‘no’, then you need to change your path in life.’

  1. Jay Shetty as a child…

Jay was a very shy and introverted child. When he hit puberty, from about the age of 14 to 18 years old, he misbehaved all the time. He was constantly being sent home from school, he was experimenting with drugs and was constantly seeking a thrill.

  1. How many Instagram followers does Jay Shetty have?

Jay has nearly 600,000 Instagram followers – 689k to be precise.

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