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Denis Grosz has a degree in philosophy from University of California Berkeley and has had a close affinity with the virtual world since 1995. He launched his first website in 2000 and that was one of the many websites launched under the brand umbrella of what came to be known as Conjecture Corporation. Over 1.2 billion people have used Conjecture’s network of websites and apps. Since then, the maverick technological entrepreneur has not looked back and has become a full-time investor, advisor, and board member for multiple startups. Even though majority of his ventures have enjoyed tremendous success, BestReviews is one venture that stands out.

CEO and Founder of Best Reviews



BestReviews was co-founded by Momchil Filev and Denis Grosz in December 2014 while they were studying at Harvard Business School. The duo discovered that customers return more than $40 billion of durable goods because they are unhappy with their purchase, and they saw this as an opportunity to enter the customer review market, which was largely untapped. Filev and Grosz wanted BestReviews to be like a guiding tool that helps customers through the tedious, at times frustrating process of choosing and buying products, by providing them detailed authentic reviews about the products under consideration.

Early Days

They managed to secure a small grant from Harvard to fund their venture. Initially, they started producing reviews by sourcing it from industry experts on various products like chainsaws and steam irons. They published the product reviews and with clever marketing hacks grew the number of visitors from the initial hundreds to hundreds of thousands in a matter of few months. This paved the way for the continued success of

Success Story

BestReviews has grown substantially with the platform boasting of a top 3000 US rank and 6.5 million total visits in a month. It compares around 200 consumer products in dozens of categories ranging from convertible car seats to dehumidifiers and new content is added on a weekly basis. The reason why it has enjoyed overwhelming success is because Filev and Denis Grosz were able to understand the pain point of an average consumer, the struggle they go through while searching on Google and spending hours reading the consumer reviews and going through hundreds of different models. BestReviews acts as a one-stop shop where a customer can read the reviews, pros, and cons of every product. Unlike other consumer reports which have a monthly subscription model, BestReviews is absolutely free.


The company is still in its growth stage and has less than 50 full-time employees but has big plans for the future. It charges a small commission whenever a consumer makes a purchase and the review service is fully available for everyone at no extra cost or subscription.

Facebook- 23,274 people follow BestReviews
Twitter- 4298 followers
Instagram- 975 followers

Conjecture Corporation: The Brand Umbrella

Denis Grosz founded Conjecture Corporation in 2003; it is a privately held company that designs and develops consumer-oriented websites and apps like QuizGeek etc. Over 1.2 billion users around the world have used Websites developed by the company. The unique thing about the corporation is that its team is scattered all over the world. This allows them to negate the geographical barriers in hiring that perfect candidate.


Since starting his entrepreneurial journey in early 2000s’, Denis has turned into a full-time investor and has invested in a host of start-ups. Some of his major bets are:


1. SmartAsset– is a personal finance platform that helps individuals in making smart financial decisions by providing personalized information and recommendations. Denis Grosz was part of six investors that invested $5.2 million in a Series A funding.


2. TenderTree– is a platform for finding in-home caregivers for patients and the elderly. He along with six other investors invested $1.3 million in seed capital.

Mitre Media Corp

3. Mitre Media Corp– It operates a suite of targeted online financial media properties including,, and Denis was one of the investors that invested $8.6 million in a Series A funding.

Apartment List

4. Apartment List– Apartment List is the web’s fastest-growing apartment rental marketplace. Denis invested an undisclosed amount in seed capital.


5. Thumbtack– Thumbtack offers services, including house painting to singing lessons to photography and more. He was one of the Angel investors in the company that invested $1.2 million.

Apart from this, Denis is a board member as well advisor to various other startups like Autolist, Udemy, ConsumerAffairs, and Toptal.


Denis is not only a shrewd and successful entrepreneur, he also gives back to the community by motivating budding youngsters who harbor the dream of becoming entrepreneurs. He is a sought after speaker and he takes time out to give talks on startups, SEO, SEM etc. With his creations touching over a billion users worldwide, he is a bona fide visionary.

Denis has had a Midas touch with almost his projects hitting a blockbuster status. It will be interesting to see if he can push one of his companies to unicorn status?

Net worth

With millions of dollars of investments in early stage startups it is easy to deduce that he is worth at least in the range of 10-50 million dollars.

Personal contact information

Twitter follower- 210
Living in- Sparks, Nevada

About: Denis Grosz

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Age : 2020

Industry : Enterprise, Publishers, Technology, Web

Website : Best Reviews

Resides : Sparks, Nevada, USA

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Net Worth Estimated : 10-50 million dollars

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