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Daniel DiPiazza

Daniel DiPiazza is a 29-year old millennial entrepreneur. His most notable achievement is the creation of his blog and successful website, Rich20Something.com. The site focuses on teaching millennials how to “start and grow an online business that you love.” Although DiPiazza’s exact net worth is unknown, it is believed to be around “7 figures.”

Building as a young Millennial Entrepreneur

Daniel DiPiazza grew up in Detroit, Michigan. He attended University of South Florida and majored in Communication and Media Studies. Upon graduating in 2009, DiPiazza couldn’t fathom joining the “corporate rat race,” instead; he waited tables and answered phones. Unhappy and frustrated that he wasn’t making money, DiPiazza decided to take his career into his own hands.

  • Net Worth

Daniel DiPiazza Net Worth

Daniel DiPiazza’s exact net worth is currently unknown, however, it is estimated to be at least $1,000,000. “He has successfully started three consecutive freelance businesses and scaled them to over $100K in revenue with zero startup capital.” His popular website, Rich20Something.com boasts: over 1 million visitors per year, 130,000 active followers, and his debut book Rich20Something is poised to be a best seller.

  • Earliest Business Ventures

In 2012, DiPiazza launched a test prep company. He “made deals with private admissions coaches who prep high school students for their college essays.” He garnered a large clientele. He then moved on as a freelance business and marketing consultant. He studied “entrepreneurship, startups, email marketing, copywriting, sales funnels, and building an audience.” DiPiazza became so good at these skills; he began his humble blog, Rich20Something.com.

  • Rich20Something


Rich20Something.com started as a blog for DiPiazza to write about business, marketing, and entrepreneurship. As the blog became more successful, he partnered with companies: I Will Teach You To Be Rich, The Art of Charm, and Pavlok. In 2014, DiPiazza committed to Rich20Something full-time.

  • Rich20Something Growth

Rich20Something attained massive growth in a saturated arena because DiPiazza gave away his content for free. This built a loyal following, and DiPiazza continues to share free content across his social media channels today.

  • Rich20Something Success

DiPiazza began making money by “building digital information products and teaching young people how to start their own freelance businesses and online startups.” Rich20Something reaches over 1 million visitors per year.

  • Rich20Something Net Worth

The exact net worth of Rich20Something is unknown, however it is estimated to be in the 7-figure range. The site has over 130,000 active followers purchasing books, listening to the podcast, attending workshops, and watching videos.

  • Workshops

To honor his upcoming 30th birthday, DiPiazza is hosting “an epic party/mastermind/workshop in LA May 3-6.” 15 lucky people will join DiPiazza for an “intensive 3-day, private, all-inclusive retreat in the mountains designed to create massive personal and professional growth.”

  • Published Author

Rich20Something Book

DiPiazza’s newest book, Rich20Something: Ditch Your Average Job, Start an Epic Business, and Score the Life you Want is published by Penguin Random House, and has sold thousands of copies.

  • Millennial Market

DiPiazza decided to focus on the niche millennial market as his target audience. He saw that millennials were actively engaging with him on social media, and genuinely wanted to know how he started his businesses. So he decided to “empower millennials to embrace their inner entrepreneur.”

  • Podcast

Daniel DiPiazza podcast

The Rich20Something podcast explores what famous entrepreneurs were doing in their 20’s, and how they hustled their way to success. Guests include: Gerard Adams, Tim Sykes, Thomas Bilyeu, Joel Brown, Michael & Bonnie Houlihan, and Navid Bakhshayesh.

  • Successful Blog Writer

DiPiazza’s blog became an instant hit due to his “bringing back an old trend- writing long form essays and thought pieces.” His style of writing combines openness, passion, and useful facts. He also engages with his followers on a personal level; when they reach out, he responds.

  • Music

DiPiazza has released several mixtapes about life as an entrepreneur. He is raw and states, “tracks cover everything that goes on the life of a REAL entrepreneur. Not the fake stuff you see on Instagram.” Albums include: The Rich20Something Mixtape, smaller. and Create.

  • Column Contributor

DiPiazza is a talented copywriter. The 29-year old regularly writes articles for: Huffington Post, Time Magazine, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Inc, Fox News, and Yahoo! Business.

  • Social Media

Daniel DiPiazza social media

DiPiazza is very active on social media. His Instagram has 237,000 followers, Twitter has 21,000 followers, and Facebook has 20,498 followers. DiPiazza has also developed a private Facebook community, The Rich20Something Community, which boasts over 17,000 members. Members “vent, share, and grow with people who won’t laugh at your ambitions.”

  • Leveling Up

DiPiazza ascribes to “leveling up” as a major factor for success. He says, “by following your passions no matter what, you will get closer to what you want and who you want to be in your own personal entrepreneurial journey.” Leveling up is choosing to take the path less traveled, figuring out what you’re good at and charging money for your skills, and launching your own successful business after building a reputable list of clients.

  • Quotes

“When I look around me, I still sometimes can’t believe what I’ve accomplished. I have a team of three full-time employees, three interns, a few part-timers and dozens of service providers whom I depend on every week for various tasks.”

“When I got into Instagram in the spring of 2015, it was still early days. So there was definitely a ‘first-mover’ advantage for accounts like mine that wanted to dominate the entrepreneurship space for Millennials. But I also offer something quite unique to my followers—I actually listen and respond.”

















About: Daniel DiPiazza

Birthday : /05/1988

Age : 32

Industry : Bloggers, Enterprise, Publishers, Technology, Web

Website : Rich20Something

Resides : Los Angeles, CA, USA

Ranking : #

Net Worth Estimated : Over $1 Million

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