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Adnan Ebrahim (born in 1992) is a British internet marketer and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Car Throttle a company he started while still in college studying for his Economics degree and currently operates as its chief executive officer. His love for vehicles led him to start his motor vehicle blog and YouTube channel that catered for young car enthusiasts. He was able to attract a massive audience and that attracted the attention of the top motor vehicle manufacturing companies.  While still in college he was able to work with top manufacturing firms like Volvo or Mitsubishi. His ability to create an engaging community has enabled him to have a net worth of over 1 million pounds and he is ranked by the business insider as one of the most influential CEOs under the age of 30.

Background of the CEO

Adnan Ebrahim Carthrottle ceo

At age of twenty-two Adnan Ebrahim founded car throttle a blog that evolved into one of the most sought-after media companies in the United Kingdom. The Idea came to him after scouring online for hours looking for car videos with no luck, he noted that there was very little online content regarding cars that catered to young car enthusiasts. He decided to borrow a leaf from the television programme ‘Top Gear’ and with a simple camera and laptop he was able to create an online show about cars that was just as fascinating and educative. He created a car culture community hub within the United Kingdom that was exiting and unique.

Success & Net Worth

Adnan Ebrahim ceo net worth

Adnan Ebrahim was very passionate about cars from a very early age and this passion pushed him to create a niche website that targeted car enthusiasts, and over time he slowly started building a loyal following and fan base. Adnans site continued to grow and after a few months he was earning enough money from advertisements that allowed him to work full time on CarThrottle after his graduation. In 2011 his site seen a large growth spurt in traffic which attracted the attention of big car manufacturers like Volvo, Honda and Mitsubishi, who in turn sent him some of their cars for review. This made his neighbours suspect that he was into the narcotics business because, at the age of 22, he was already driving luxurious vehicles around their neighborhood.


While in university Adnan was due to receive a prize for his creativity and success in the field of motorsport journalism. However, this did not happen because a senior public relations officer within the car manufacturing industry called the school to say that Car Throttle’s editorial style was brash and despicable. This forced the university to withdraw their prize and denounced Car Throttle. However, a few years down the line Adnan has been able to prove him wrong since most firms are using Adnan’s model to push their products.

He also got a lot of criticism from top officials within the auto motive industries for producing music videos about cars. This is because the automotive industry is basically about brand images and some of these music videos would have portrayed some of the brands in a bad light.

Most ordinary people would have quit at this point and shut down the company but Adnan did not instead he chose to develop his company by consulting widely and working with people who were more experienced within the field.

The Success

Car throttle currently has an office located in East London and has hired eight members of staff. The website has over four million monthly visitors and has close to a million YouTube subscribers. The company’s turnover is a little over a million and is also expected to shoot to eight figures in the coming years. Adnan has also rubbed shoulders with the high and mighty like; the former prime minister Gordon Brown, Alibaba Founder Jack Ma, and British formula one champion Lewis Hamilton.

Adnan Ebrahim’s bold move to follow his passion has enabled him to build a multimillion business and even though he spends most of his time developing his business, he still loves what he is doing and always lets his passion drive him.

About: Adnan Ebrahim

Birthday : //

Age : 2020

Industry : Instagram, Publishers

Website : CarThrottle

Resides : London, United Kingdom

Ranking : #

Net Worth Estimated : £1 million

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