Freelancing is becoming an even more popular trend in modern society. From co-working spaces, to colleges, everyone understands how the freelance way to work is evolving. While some are still adjusting to this new environment and adapting to the freelancer lifestyle others are excelling and earning upwards of $1million dollars from their freelance projects. And though we often hear about successful freelancers, Upwork is the biggest platform which has multiple bonafide millionaire freelancers on the platform. From India to the USA, we have created a list of some of the highest earners and top earning freelancers on Upwork to date –

1.) David H. – Earned through Upwork: $500k+

Top earning freelancer on Upwork

David H is a Salesforce (SFDC) & Pardot Certified Consultant. He has over 5+ years of experience and has worked with 50+ companies in planning and designing solutions as per their individual suitability.

His other skills are as Sales Cloud Consultant, Service Cloud Consultant, and Certified Developer.


2.) Joseph D. – Earned through Upwork: $500k+

Top earning freelancer on Upwork

This freelancer is a top Website Designer & Developer on the platform and ranked among top 5% web developers, having developed hundreds of websites during the last 15 years.

Joseph also has extensive experience in the fields of WordPress, e-commerce, SEO, Programming (PHP), and MySQL.


3.) Nitish Kansal – Earned through Upwork: $600k+

Top earning freelancer on Upwork

Nitish has earned over $600k US dollars and is a Full Stack, Backend Developer, working on Python Technologies, Django, for the last 6 years. He has experience of developments in Healthcare, Social Networking, and E-commerce Domains. He also has experience of Front End Technologies, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, Mysql, Postgresql, Sqlite, Heroku, and Nginx.

This freelancer has working knowledge of all the versions of Django, Use of pep8 standards while writing the code and maintaining with the help of GIT or SVN besides experience of working with JIRA, Trello, and Unfuddle.


4.) James Ian M. – Total Earned through Upwork: $600k+

Top earning freelancer on Upwork

James Ian has earned over $600k US dollars and is an expert User Interface Designer. He has worked on hundreds of projects across the world.

James Ian can design and develop clean, usable and usable friendly web applications at every touch point through simplification of core tasks.


5.) Alexander L. – Earned through Upwork: $600k+

Top earning freelancer on Upwork

This freelancer has also earned over $600k US dollars and is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect, a DevOps Engineer and a Security Expert WordPress with 18+ years of experience in Linux Systems Administration and Full Stack Development.

Alexander is also AWS Certified Developer, AWS Certified SysOps Administrator, Systems Administrator, Network Engineer, Cloud / Virtualization Expert, DevOps and Developer.


6.) Gall M. – Earned through Upwork: $600k+

Top earning freelancer on Upwork

Gall M is an Ad Specialist. He is a Certified for Google AdWords, Facebook Ads & Bingads. He has several years of experience as a PPC (Pay Per click) manager.

Gall M. also possesses skills in PPC Management/Consultation, PPC Platforms, and Expert in Campaign Structure, Keyword Research, Ad Creation, & Ad Group Optimization, AdWords Editor, Campaign Reparation & Consultation.


7.) Murthy Rao M. – Earned through Upwork: $600k+

Top earning freelancer on Upwork

Murthy Rao M is an Administrative Assistant, Web Researcher, and Lead & Data Entry Specialist. He has over 13 years of experience.

This freelancer is also an expert in Data Mining, Data Collection, Data Capture, Data Analysis, Data Processing, Data Conversion, Web Research, Web Scraping, and Virtual Assistant.

8.) Ryan M. – Earned through Upwork: $600k+

Top earning freelancer on Upwork

Ryan M is an AWS Certified Cloud Solutions Architect – with heavy immersion in all AWS Technologies. He has over 10+ years of experience in developing and practicing modern DevOps techniques.

Apart from the above, this freelancer has significant project experience with Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and OpenStack.


9.) Sergey V. – Earned through Upwork: $600k+

Top earning freelancer on Upwork

Sergey V is a Software Engineer and a Full-Stack Developer in React/Native/Angular/Laravel languages. He has over 15 years of experience with specialization in Front-End Development and Software Architecture.

Sergey V also has knowledge of MVC Frameworks: React, Angular, Naked JavaScript, ReactJS for mobile development, HTML5, CSS3, Adaptive Layouts/Frameworks – Bootstrap, Skeleton, PHP, NodeJS, Databases, MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, NoSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Memcache, Couchdb.


10.) Frank O. – Earned through Upwork: $600k+

Top earning freelancer on Upwork

Frank O is a Google Ads Specialist. He also offers his services for Bing Ads and Facebook Ads. An AdWords Expert, he is a former GOOGLE employee, having several years of experience in the world of advertisements. He has certification in Google Ads & Bing Ads.

This freelancer holds a Master degree in Marketing, and his focus is on ROI, Business and Analytical Thinking.


11.) Oleksii G. – Earned through Upwork: $600k+

Top earning freelancer on Upwork

This freelancer is a Magento Certified Developer and a Magento Back-End Developer since 2008. His main areas of expertise are: Magento Performance Optimization, Magento Upgrades, Magento 3rd Party Systems Integration, New Payment and Shipping Methods Integration, Customization, Magento Code Base Audit; Former PHP Developer at Magento Inc.

Apart from the above, Oleskii G can successfully handle Magento Consulting, Magento Extensions Development, Magento Basic SEO Optimization, Magento Performance Optimization, Magento Versions Upgrade, Magento Code Reviews, Magento Education and Training.


12.) Jaime H. – Earned through Upwork: $600k+

Top earning freelancer on Upwork

Earning over $600k US dollars from Upwork this freelancer is an expert in Copywriting and Blog writing. She is a specialist Content Marketing Writer and a Brand Development Professional. Jaime H also offers services like Digital Content Creation and Email Marketing. This Freelancer has over 15+ years of experience in the field of media and has been named among top 10 Upwork Writers in NY.

This freelancer has been writing content for Harvard Business Review,, Entrepreneur, MarketingProfs, SocialMedia Times and Forbes. She is an MBA in Marketing & Media Management/Communication and an MS in Consumer Behavior.


13.) Munir A. – Earned through Upwork: $600k+

Also earning over $600k US dollars from Upwork this freelancer is a specialist in Windows, Mac OSx/iOS and Unix Developer. He is also an expert in writing codes for software and developing apps for desktop and mobile platforms (iOS& Android). This freelancer has over 12 years of experience in Software.

Munir A’s other expert fields include C++, Objective-C, Swift, JAVA, and PERL


14.) Stephen K. – Earned through Upwork: $800k+

He is a Magento Certified and Shopify Developer, with 6 years experience in designing and implementing Magento 1 and Magento 2 (Community and Enterprise). This freelancer is also an expert in front-end jQuery, CSS, LESS, SASS, Photoshop, besides designing and developing Custom Magento Extensions, MySQL Database Development, WordPress /Blog Setup, and Integration with Third-Party Systems.

Stephen K’s other skills include WooCommerce, Reaction Commerce, X-Cart, Webshop, BigCommerce, Sylius, and VueStoreFront CMS Systems: Craft CMS, WordPress, Expression Engine Frameworks: Laravel, Yii, Zend.


15.) Serhii B. – Earned through Upwork: $900k+

Top earning freelancer on Upwork

He is a Skilled Systems Engineer with specialization in Chef and application of DevOps ideas. He has strong Knowledge of Ruby / Rails and Node.JS. Serhi ranks as the 3rd highest earning freelancer from upwork on our list and is close to breaking the $1million mark soon!

Serhii B is also skilful in Sinatra, AWS, EC2, Coffee-Script, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, Heroku, and Capistrano.


16.) Stanley S. – Earned through Upwork: $1M+

Top earning freelancer on Upwork

This freelancer is a Machine Learning Scientist. Stanley S specializes in Application of Robust Mathematical Solutions to both Stochastic and Deterministic Signal Data Models, including Anomaly “Target”​Detection based on Agnostic Machine Learning Synthesis, Image Processing, Real-Time Sensor Signal Processing, and Classification through use of novel feature extraction methods. This freelancer is also an Algorithm Scientist and Physicist. As the second highest earning freelancer on Upwork (excluding agencies), Stanley S is making a nice 7 figure some from the site.

Stanley also possesses Domain Expertise including Sensor Fusion, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Identification Algorithms, Statistical Detection Theory, Information Theory, and Adaptive Pattern Recognition.


17.) Vladislav M. – Earned through Upwork: $3M+

Top earning freelancer on Upwork

And the top earning freelancer on Upwork is Vladislav M. He is Cloud Expert / Architect / DevOps & Linux Admin. Vladislav has managed teams as a team leader, having participated in multiple projects as co-worker with other professionals comprising of large teams, with goal-orientation and accomplishing the projects within deadlines. His working experience includes 18+ years as Systems Administrator, 12+ years as Network Engineer, and 4+ years as SaaS Architect. At the top of this list – this freelancer is our highest earning freelancer that we discovered on Upwork.

Vladislav M is also Cloud Expert, having 8+ years experience.

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